About Us

Wood & Joy is a brand that came to life with the birth of our son, Ali Boğa. Its roots are based on a mother's passion to be a playmate for her son, laying the foundation for the wooden toy business in 2015. As parents, our greatest desire is to provide natural, fun, educational, and safe play materials and toys for children. As a family, our collective efforts aim to create a joyful world of play that allows our children to have a healthy early childhood experience, aligned with their developmental stages, enhancing their cognitive, physical, social, and emotional abilities.

Captivating Exploration: Quality, Nature, and Education Unite

They always strive to make choices that are high-quality, natural, educational, exploratory, and captivating when selecting toys. Because, just like every child, their children were the most precious beings to them, carefully nurtured and cherished in this world.

  • From Curiosity to Expertise

    As the founder of Wood & Joy and a devoted mother, my fascination with child development stages and the crucial role of play in a child's world sparked an insatiable curiosity. Extensive research led me to delve deeper into the selection of toys, and this profound interest culminated in the completion of a pedagogical perspective as a graduation project for the MBA Master Program at Bilgi University. The project centered on exploring the "Global Development of the Toy Industry and Wooden Toys." The realization that play is as fundamental to a child's early childhood as nourishment, sleep, care, and love fueled my determination to create a brand that truly resonated with the essence of childhood.

  • Embracing the Brands Vision

    The journey continued with industry and pedagogical research, collaborating with child development experts and toy industry professionals worldwide. This enriching experience fueled our passion and curiosity for toys, ultimately leading to the birth of the Wood & Joy brand in June 2018. Our dream was to bring together the allure of wooden and natural materials with the vibrant and playful world of children's games. We envisioned a brand that celebrated the joy of discovery, embraced sustainable practices, and nurtured a child's imagination through captivating play experiences.

  • The Dream That Came True

    Today, Wood & Joy stands as a testament to our unwavering passion and dedication. With a profound understanding of child development and a commitment to craftsmanship, we curate a diverse collection of wooden toys and furniture that inspire creativity, education, and exploration. Our brand embodies the essence of childhood, bringing joy to both children and parents alike. We continue to evolve, grow, and shape the future of play, cherishing the belief that every child's laughter and every moment of discovery brings us closer to realizing our dream—a world where joy and learning go hand in hand.